This letter is in response to Ali Malik Tariq’s letter that appeared on January 23, 2015 under the heading ‘Pakistan’s dilemma.’ I totally agree with the writer, instead of nation building, ‘Nadir Shahi’ has been the norm since 1958, when the founding fathers were knocked out of the political arena to be replaced by third rate politicians, that we have to deal with today. The Khakis, Qazi’s and the Baboo’s all connived in this unholy alliance. In Iran, after the revolution in 1979, all anti nation activities were made punishable and all the Kahkis, Qazis, Baboos and their ‘political touts’ involved in nation bashing were sent to the gallows. We may have to do the same in Pakistan to move forward. Ten elections since 1977 have been manipulated. The first step towards nation building is an audit of the voters through an honest ballot.


Lahore, January 25.