Pakistan is facing multidimensional crisis, but I would like to point out the injustice, corruption and insensitive attitude of the Inter Provincial Coordination (IPC) Ministry of Pakistan. Many students selected on merit oriented transparent process, conducted by the NTS, every year flee to China, on cultural exchange scholarship. Despite pledges and promises of subsidies by the IPC, not a single penny is transferred into our accounts, since 2011 to date. When inquired about this non provision of funds, the IPC excuses, by declaring unavailability of funds. As Pakistan spends less than 3 per cent of its GDP on education and lower still on higher education in the region, it seems as if education is not a priority of this government. Living in an era of freedom of information, it is my constitutional right to know where the funds are allocated and distributed but no satisfactory reply is ever given. I seek attention of the concerned authorities and want to keep my hope alive.


China, January 23.