Pakistan is facing energy crisis, but now these crisis have increased to such an extent that even CNG has fallen short. Although large petroleum and gas reserves have been found in Baluchistan and FATA, which are enough to meet our needs, the clashes with Baloch activists, insurgency in Agencies and lack of proper exploration has made life miserable. Pakistanis are already under the burden of load shedding and now this fuel problem! We are deprived of the basic facilities which people take for granted in developed countries.

Hearing of large reserves of petrol and natural gas gives us some hope, and our government should make efforts to use these resources to development our economy, instead of selling them to foreign powers. The country can come out of the large IMF loans and become self sufficient, but maybe that is something our government does not want to do. They want us dependent on foreign aid and imports.


Wah Cantt, January 25.