It is not surprising as it is unfortunate that MNA performance in the National Assembly has remained dismal in the last two and a half years.

Hardly any question was raised in the National Assembly by the lawmakers who otherwise make larger than life promises to the people of their constituencies come election season. Most of these MNAs displayed a blatant disregard of the trust of these people and failed to show even the slightest bit of interest in the development and well being of their constituencies.

The level of disinterest of legislators from the lower house could be determined from the fact that around 47 percent of them did not bother to ask the government even a single question during half of the incumbent government’s tenure. The worst of the lot being the MNAs from Punjab, leading with a number of 100, while 20 MNAs from Sindh and 14 from Khyber Pakhtukhwa (KP) failed to raise concern for their people.

The interesting fact to note however, which was highlighted in a recent independent research, was that women MPAs have outperformed male MPAs in terms of putting forwards legislative interventions despite the fact that women represent only 22 per cent of membership. It is also worth mentioning that women who have come into the National Assembly through quotas are far more active than directly elected both male and female MNAs.

The unfortunate aspect that contributes to the male MNAs lack of interest and inefficiency is that they enter parliament through direct elections on the basis of their potential to contest elections and win the popular vote and will be re-elected next time too regardless of their performance in parliament. Women on the other hand, have something to prove, as they know they have to perform better to compete with the lethargic males who will win without performing. The quota set for women is often criticized as it does not foster fair competition, however, results suggest that even though women also come into power and belong to Pakistan’s exploitative elite, they seem to make an effort in parliament.

In another disappointing report issued by Alif Ailaan, an NGO working for the promotion of education, the performance of Members National Assembly working for promotion of education at the government schools in their areas for the last two and a half years was evaluated.

Only three MNAs achieved Grade A in this regard and one of them was a woman. Regardless of their political affiliation, this current cohort of lawmakers has failed the country in this term and come next election we should be well remember this disturbing fact.