“As a Pakistani, Muslim woman at the helm of a tech venture, I have faced my fair share of skeptics, critics, and

plain old sexism.. I have heard comments that would never be leveled at a man. Many would have been discouraged

by such experiences, and understandably so. But I wouldn’t be swayed – in fact, it only inspired me to develop my

next game, one that will help other women and minorities who face prejudice in their lives.”

–Mariam Adil, Founder of GRID, 2015.

Founder of tech company GRID Mariam Adil is a passionate Development Practitioner, an International Development student and an aspiring social entrepreneur, She has brilliantly created low cost video games to create awareness about sensitive issues and aid development practitioners in their agendas. In addition to her roles and responsibilities as an Economist with the Africa Education Unit at the World Bank, Mariam voluntarily led the WB Pakistan Youth Initiative, aimed at capacity building of rural youth, was a winner of the WB South Asia Region Video Competition – “What Inspires Me at Work” and a finalist in the WB I4K knowledge generation competition. She is making Pakistan proud and showing girls around Pakistan that nothing can and should hold you back from achieving your potential.