Islamabad-Islamabad police have arrested 17 outlaws including 10 drug pushers and recovered 4.620 kilogram hashish, 1250 grams opium, 150 gram heroin and weapons from them, a police spokesman said on Friday.

He said that CIA police arrested Hameed Khan and recovered 1050 grams hashish from him. Kohsar Police arrested two bootleggers identified as Muhammad Tasleem and Qaisar Shahzad besides recovering 56 wine bottles from their possession. Noon Police arrested Mansab Ali and recovered 1250 gram opium from him. Karachi Company police arrested a bootlegger Rehan Masih and recovered 20 wine bottles from him. Industrial-Area police arrested Sher Wali for having 1050 gram hashish. Sabzi Mandi police held Niaz Ahmed and recovered 1400 grams hashish from him. Koral police arrested Zafar Mehmod and recovered 18 liter wine from him while two other persons Afzal and Abid were held for having one 12-bore gun and one dagger respectively. Shehzad Town police arrested Tariq and recovered one 9 mm pistol along with ammunition from him. Loi Bher police arrested Shahzad and recovered one 30-bore pistol from him. Golra Police arrested two accused Sarwar Khan and Furqan involved in selling petroleum products illegally. Furthermore, Industrial Area police nabbed Akash Masih and Micheal Masih involved in decanting gas in cylinders illegally. Cases have been registered against these nabbed persons and further investigation is underway.