ISLAMABAD - Pakistan Sports Board high command has put the lives of over 600 athletes and officials on stake who are participating in the All-Pakistan Inter-Board Sports Gala 2018 (Girls) which started here at Pakistan Sports Complex on 25th.

Strangers are roaming around and there is no security provided form either the PSB nor from Islamabad police or any other security agency. The PSB, who already has an army of employees, are inducting under the table there near and dear ones in the organisation and there is no one who could stop them from self-styled policies.

PSB Director General Dr Akhtar Nawaz Ganjera, who is entering into his final month of job, as he will retire from services next month is least bothered and looking hapless against the CBA and other powerful mafias working in the PSB. It doesn’t seem it is a government organization. They are all united to take all the perks and privileges, foreign tours, hefty TA/DAs. Fake seminars and tours are arranged just to accommodate few certain individuals. There is absolutely no check and balance on when majority of employees arrive and when they leave and majority of employees never bothered to attend office and enjoying monthly salaries. Despite this correspondent several times in the past had seek the attention of Ganjera and told him about sorry state of affair, no action was taken. The medical centre is hub of few certain people activities but no one from top brass ever bothered to take notice. Only DG and a handful of employees are following the duty roaster while majority had developed an habit of coming late and leaving early and at their will without informing anybody.

In the past too, a number of complaints were registered as strangers and outsiders had not only managed to get residences at Allama Iqbal Hostel and Fatima Jinnah Hostels and lot of incidents occurred but no heed was paid. Now over 600 females are gathered at the PSB but there is no security for them while contractors and their labours are occupying rooms inside Jinnah Stadium where female athletes are residing. Who would be the responsible if any untoward incident occurs? Only DG PSB will be held responsible as why and on what grounds contractors are given permanent residences, where athletes are suppose to reside. Inter-board gala is going on and once again Muhammad Azam Dar is being made head of media committee, against whom already a number of inquiries are pending, but the DG PSB has closed his eyes and given him clean chit. Despite several request being made to Azam Dar to provide information and timings of events, he is least bothered and termed go and file stories. Shazia Ejaz, who was given director media role, in which she badly flopped and was transferred to academic wing, is made member of the committee. She too like past never has time for sports journalists and busy in visiting bosses offices.

The PSB had some highly dedicated staff too, who spent hours and hours in office, are highly helpful, but they don’t enjoy bosses good books and are always deprived from their due right. IPC Minister Mian Riaz Hussian Pirzada always advocate rights and talk about principles but he is closing his eyes when it comes to watching right under his nose. Why the PSB is being treated as autonomous body and there is no check and balance on the PSB’s certain employees. Mumtaz Ahmed, who was transferred as director, Peshawar centre, hardly spends time in Peshawar and remains present in Islamabad every other day. When asked about why he is not present at Peshawar, Mumtaz replied he has family in Islamabad but he failed to justify his presence every other day in Islamabad. Inside sources have confirmed to The Nation, that the gentleman, enjoys close relations with DG and he is in DG’s good books.

It is high time before any incident occurs and huge damages being inflicted, the IPC Minister should open his eyes and seek complete record of employees’ office timings and ensure security for athletes and officials. While strangers, who are residing since long in the PSB must be given marching orders as the PSB is supposed to facilitate athletes, officials, coaches and former greats and is not meant for passing on benefits to near and dear ones. There is also an urgent need to stop employees taking free meal from Allama Iqbal hostel kitchen as the meal is meant for athletes, officials and coaches and not for the PSB employees. They are already enjoying free electricity, gas and residences. It was never seen and heard that government employees doesn’t have to pay any utility bills, it only happens in the PSB.

When this scribe visited DG PSB Dr Akhtar Nawaz Ganjera office to seek his point of view on poor state of affairs and why action not taken against employees, who violate office discipline, he instead of presenting point of view requested not to publish story. It was time and again mentioned by this scribe that PSB employees not only enjoy countless benefits themselves but they had also accommodated their near and dear ones, who are a huge security risk and in the past too number of incidents were reported, but no action was taken.A lot of financial bungling has also been reported during the Second edition of Qauid-e-Azam Inter-Provincial Games but without any investigation, majority of bills were cleared. When this correspondent went to meet DDG Finance Vijay Kumar and wanted to see payment record, Vijay thrice despite promises to provide complete details never fulfilled his promise and he was absent from office while he was also not picking the call.

Ganjera must wake up, as he is about to leave. He should at least make the house in order before leaving. This correspondent also visited DDG Academic Muhammad Shahid and wanted to know why he is keeping mum on his staff spending so much time here and there rather than remain present on the seat, he promised to look into the matter and ensure office discipline being followed.