SADIQABAD - Excessive use of medicines, particularly antibiotics could be harmful not only to a person's health but also to his coming generation.

The medicines used excessively lose their effectiveness as the bacteria get stronger and develop power to resist the antibiotics.

These views were stated by renowned physician Dr Sadiq Zia during a seminar on seasonal flue and cough here the other day.

Doctors including Rehamdin Malik, Iftikhar Mani, Mushtaq Azmi, Shahid Saleem Rana, Khalid Masood, Azhar Ali, Irfan, Imran Alim Jam Akbar and others attended the seminar.

Addressing the seminar, Dr Sadiq said that doctors around the world are warned to advise their patients to stop using antibiotics excessively because the bacteria causing seasonal flue and cough are becoming antibiotic-resistant and it is proposed that one day they would become stronger enough to resist any kind of medicine given as an antibiotic.

He said that vaccination is crucial for seasonal influenza, adding that an influenza patient suffering from asthma must undergo swine flue test. It is harmful for the people suffering from seasonal influenza to take antibiotics without consulting a doctor, he maintained.

He also advised doctors to prescribe small amount of medicines to their patients, adding that a good physician is one who gets his patients rid of medicines not he who prescribes bundles of drugs to patients, ignoring the side affects.

"Every medicine has its good and bad affects. So, prescription should be made after having a deep study of side affects of the medicine you are going to prescribe your patients," he said to doctors.