FAISALABAD - Nawaz Sharif set new records of serving the masses during all his tenures as Prime Minister of the country and he is the lion who eliminated terrorism from the country, surmounted the energy crisis and gave the gift of CPEC.

This was stated by Minister of State for Information, Broadcasting, National History and Literary Heritage while talking to the media at Jaranwala on Friday. She said that it was he who was fated to conduct nuclear explosions and construct motorways in the country.

She said: “A few days ago a rally of empty chairs was held in Lahore, adding the people will know on Saturday what a public rally is when the people of Jaranwala who are passionately attached to Nawaz Sharif will fill the arena of the public rally by their presence in thousands.”

The Minister said that the people had clearly told those puppets that whichever party talked against Nawaz Sharif it would not even be able to find candidates for the ensuing election.

Marriyum said that corruption of not even a single penny had been established during all his stints as Prime Minister and in Panama case an elected Prime Minister had been sent home on the basis of ‘Iqama’.

She said that the verdict against Nawaz Sharif had not been accepted by the people so far ,adding, that only that party would come into power which the people would elect on the basis of its performance.

The Minister said that the former Prime Minister had initiated a campaign for the restoration of the sanctity of the vote and it would continue till the revival of justice and change in the behaviour of sending the elected Prime Ministers home before the completion of their mandated period.

She said that 220 million people of Pakistan would answer the struggle for restoration of the sanctity of vote in the 2018 elections.

The Minister said that the former Prime Minister would redeem his pledge to restore the sanctity of the vote.

She said that the people of Pakistan were showing solidarity with the former Prime Minister. Marriyum said that they had thrice elected him as Prime Minister with a heavy mandate.

She said that the people had sent Nawaz Sharif to the Parliament with their vote and in the coming elections whosoever he wished would become the Prime Minister of the country.

She said that some elements were hell bent to create chaos and anarchy in the country.

The Minister referring to the Kasur incident said that in such situations everybody would have to work by rising above political affiliations.     

Referring to the news concerning bank accounts of Imran Ali involved in the rape and killing of Zainab at Kasur, she said that the State Bank had confirmed that he had no local or foreign bank account as alleged.

She said that the Supreme Court had also taken notice of the incident and reiterated that the rapist and killer of the innocent child would be given harshest possible punishment. Later, talking to a private TV channel in regards to Zainab case. She said that everybody would have to think about it as citizen of Pakistan setting aside the political affiliations.

She said that when the people showed sensitivity on such issues it created an ambience of resistance in the society which deterred others from committing similar kind of detestable acts.

Marriyum said that if people showed indifference to such acts it was tantamount to encouraging them.

She said that the people exhibited their sensitivity to the incident by displaying picture of Zainab which was a certain kind of behaviour.

Marriyum said that even the Parliament adopted a resolution in that respect.

She said that the Chief Minister Punjab Shehbaz Sharif felt great pain and it was due to his efforts that the culprit was apprehended.

She said that it was not an issue of Chief Ninisters of Punjab or Sindh, but whole of Pakistan, however, the credit for the arrest of killer of Zainab went to Shehbaz Sharif.

The Minister said that she was of the view that the killer of Zainab should be awarded harshest punishment publicly to send a strong message throughout the country and people that whosoever dared to commit that kind of act would meet the same fate according to the law.