WAZIRABAD - The ambulances and other vehicles of the Wazirabad Institute of Cardiology had been grabbed or handed over to other government department.

An ambulance has disappeared, a car was grabbed by Lahore Secretariat while two ambulances were handed over to Rescue 1122 two years ago which caused hardship in timely shifting of patients to Gujranwala because of closure of WIC after 2pm.

The WIC administration had purchased two ambulances 3 years ago spending Rs8.4 million. Furthermore, Rs7.4 million was spent for installation of cardiac system inside ambulances.

The medical superintendent had also purchased a car at a cost of Rs2 million for the convenience of doctors and other medical staff 4 years ago.

Later, when the transfer of the medical superintendent was under discussion, Lahore Secretariat ordered to send the car to Lahore. The car was lost in Secretariat and no one is ready to bear the responsibility of the car nor the record show its whereabouts. 

The WIC is being run without the ambulance facility thus the shifting of heart patents to Gujranwala has become very difficult.

The WIC functions partially from 8am to 2pm.  Afterwards. the Out Patient Department is closed and the patients leave the centre. The heart patients’ treated in WIC some time need early shifting to Gujranwala but it was not practicable due to lack of ambulance facility.

Representatives from all walks of life demanded the authorities provide ambulance for WIC to ensure the timely shifting of heart patients. They also demanded provision of transportation to the doctors and emergency medical staff for their convenience.