Ajay Bisaria the High Commissioner of India has said as the New Year has already begun, we should hope that our future will be different from our past and expected peaceful and friendly relations between the India and Pakistan.

He expressed these views on the occasion of the Indian Republic Day function. A large number of notables hailing from all walks of life attended the reception. 

Sate Minister for Parliamentary Affairs Ali Mohammad Khan was the chief guest while heads and representatives of almost all political parties of Pakistan also attended the event.

High ranking officials from Ministry of Foreign Affairs including the spokesman Dr Faisal also attended the event.

The high commissioner said, “We celebrate today the 70th Republic Day of India, three years after country gained independence from the colonial rule in 1947 India declared itself a constitutional republic in 1950”.

He said India this year we mark the anniversaries to prominent personalities. We are celebrating 550th birth anniversary of Baba Guru Nanak both in India and Pakistan.

Likewise, we are also celebrating 150 anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi who played key role in gaining freedom to our region.

Later, the favourite song of Mahatma Gandhi was also played, based on Gandhi’s philosophy that a virtuous person is the one who feels pains of others.