ISLAMABAD - German Ambassador to Pakistan Martin Kobler has admired the services being provided at shelter homes set up by the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf government for homeless people.

During his visit to a shelter home located here Saturday, the ambassador shared a meal of savoring ‘potato-egg’ curry or Aalu Anday with homeless people and also listened to their life stories.

The ambassador in a tweet on his social media account said, “I visited a shelter home in Islamabad. Admire the work of the staff, but sad to see so many people cannot afford meals. Shared potato-egg curry with some of the homeless and listened to their moving stories. How can one support a family of 6-8 with 400 rupees income per-day?”

Shelter home was a good initiative of the government, he admired the work of the staff, but said he was sad to see that so many people lacked the means to afford food. Kobler questioned how people with income as low as Rs400 a day could support a family of 6-8 persons.

It is pertinent to mention here that Prime Minister Imran Khan issued directives for the installation of tents and food for the homeless with a provision of quality food and other necessary items.


Monitoring Desk adds: German Ambassador Martin Kobler wanted to buy a bicycle manufactured in Pakistan but he found it hard to get it in Islamabad.

However, Kobler finally found it in Rawalpindi. But then it was difficult to select from different brands of two Pakistani companies. At last, Kobler bought a red bicycle which also had a horn. He was very happy to get it.

The German ambassador later said in a tweet: “uff, was a hard-choice day! wanted to buy a bicycle MADE IN PAKISTAN. first, it was hard to find one. All foreign made!! then finally found it in #rawalpindi. Then get stuck between Sohrab or PECO? Finally, bought this red one. Also has a horn ‘i:heart:my bike” what do u guys think of it?