ISLAMABAD   -  Prime Minister Imran Khan during his expected visit to Punjab metropolis Lahore today (Sunday) besides chairing a high-level meeting to review the governance of Punjab government would likely meet PML-Q leadership to address their concerns.

Sources aware of the developments taking place on this front informed The Nation that Premier Khan would have separate meetings with Governor Punjab Ch Sarwar and Chief Minister Punjab Usman Buzdar to help remove misunderstandings with the PML-Q leadership.

A few days back during the joint parliamentary parties meeting of the ruling coalition in Islamabad, Prime Minister Imran Khan had said that he would himself be meeting with the leadership of junior coalition partners and would remove whatever concerns they have with the PTI.

Sources aware of the behind the curtain developments said that Chaudhries from Gujrat were not comfortable on what they termed keeping them at bay in making key policy decisions both at centre and Punjab level.

Sources further informed that PML-Q leadership wanted some role in governance for their party MPs in central Punjab where even in the constituencies from where their MPAs were elected the Punjab government was handling matters through PTI local leaders and had completely sidelined the Q-League MPs.

PML-Q central Information Secretary Kamil Ali Aga said that in the given circumstances keep going with PTI would become impossible and said that they were kept out of policy-making and their MPs are treated as if they are sitting on opposition benches.

In the parliamentary party meeting of PML-Q held a week ago in Islamabad, the party MPs had empowered party chief Ch Shjuaat Hussain on dealing with senior coalition partner PTI.

The differences between the PML-Q and PTI surfaced with the resignation of the sole Q-League minister in Punjab Cabinet, Hafiz Ammar Yasir, handed over his resignation to the PML-Q leadership citing “undue interference” in his ministry by the PTI.

Sources further said that power pull in Punjab had acquired a complex shape as within PTI Governor Punjab Ch Sarwar was leading a powerful group of Arayians while Aleem Khan was also having his clout and try to influence the decision-making while Speaker Punjab Assembly and PML-Q central leader Pervaiz Elahi wanted his say in governance of the province.

In these circumstances, a weak chief executive of the province Usman Buzdar could not tackle things and hence adding to the already complex and chaotic situation, sources aware of the developments informed.

Sources said that Prime Minister Imran Khan himself was perturbed over the hiccups coming in the ways of smooth sailing in the most populous province of the country and in coming days he would have to take some corrective measures and shape up some broader contours of governance in the province.