For the revival of the Pakistani economy, it is necessary that the government comes up with innovative measures for revenue generation. Very closely linked with this problem is the tourism industry of Pakistan which has remained dormant since the last couple of years due to the influx of terrorists in Pakistan. However, due to the military operations, the government can now safely direct tourists towards Pakistan. Under this agenda, we see the launch of the visa on arrival for 56 countries. With this initiative, the government aims to capture the beauty and diversity of the Pakistani landscape and open its doors towards foreign tourists.

Pakistan has a lot of areas which are of great interest to tourists. Several cities are hubs of historical architecture while others offer serenity and calmness without the exposure to light and noise pollution. A great number of local tourists visit the tourist spots every year. This means that there is a great number of national tourists. If these tourist spots are updated as per the requirements of both foreign and local tourists, the government can earn a great deal of revenue along with improving the international image of Pakistan which has remained tainted due to extremism in the region.

Prior to these suggestions, it was difficult for foreign travelers to attain a Pakistani visa and that has restricted their movement to the country. With this ease, there is a great chance of investment in the industry. We have witnessed that in the form of a Swiss company wanting to launch their series of guesthouses in the northern areas of Pakistan. Along with this, Pakistan is also working on reviving certain travel routes via the Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) which will help bring in more tourists. The government needs to launch a strong tourism campaign which will influence many foreigns who once experienced the beauty of Pakistan in the 1970s to revisit.

According to the Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation (PTDC), 1.75 million tourists arrived in Pakistan in 2017. With the incorporation of technology to this new initiative, the stay of several people can be made comfortable. Tourists should have all the required information regarding the area they are going to stay in with the use of mobile phone applications, data network accessibility should be improved across Pakistan, and the process of preserving cultural heritage should be launched as soon as possible to make this new visa regime policy fruitful.