With the current Venezuelan crisis underway, where the opposition in the country is attempting to overthrow the current president Nicolás Maduro’s regime due to allegations of rigging in the recent elections and his undemocratic actions against the National Assembly, United States has attempted to intervene in the internal turmoil in the country. USA’s involvement in the country’s affairs has received a lot of international backlash and criticism, as President Trump’s government plans to install a right-wing opposition into power through a military-backed coup.

As history has shown, however, USA’s involvement in Latin America (which has been called USA’s ‘backyard’) is not exactly a new phenomenon. Latin American countries have always been of interest to the US, and have often been considered as its satellite states where it could extend considerable influence and control through economic means and otherwise. Throughout the 1950’s and 60’s, when the Cold War was at its very peak, USA intervened in the internal affairs of Latin American countries like Nicaragua, Guatemala, Chile, Argentina and Cuba etc. to overthrow left-wing governments through military-backed coups. Declassified CIA documents have proven USA’s involvement in these affairs time and again throughout the region. The purpose of these interventions was to maintain stability in USA’s ‘backyard’, which could only be achieved if regimes favored by the US were in control in these respective countries.

It is in this historical context that we can understand why USA’s involvement in the current Venezuelan crisis is receiving so much collective retaliation from journalists and analysts throughout the world.