LAHORE - The Punjab Food Authority’s enforcement teams carried out screening at entrance and exit points of the city early on Saturday morning.

The authority claimed it disposed off 4,915 litres of adulterated milk and foiled an attempt to supply thousands of litres of impure milk to the market.

PFA DG Muhammad Usman said that teams tested 285,029 litres of milk that was being carried by 2013 milk vehicles.

He said that dairy safety teams checked 1,017 vehicles in Lahore Zone, 632 vehicles in Rawalpindi and 364 vehicles in southern Punjab.

He said that urea, formalin, polluted water, harmful powder and chemicals were used to increase thickness and quantity of milk.

“Use of such chemicals in milk poses a serious threat to users’ health, causes diseases and affects children’s growth. Pasteurizing is the only solution to eliminate the sale of loose milk and its adulteration and the authority is working day and night to execute the pasteurisation law by 2022.”

He appealed to the public to report any suspicious activities related to food adulteration and unhygienic food points on PFA’s Facebook page and toll-free number 0800-80500, pointing out that all information received will be kept strictly confidential to protect privacy of informers.