Los Angeles-Strictly Come Dancing's Debbie McGee has revealed she was recently diagnosed with breast cancer.

Two tumours were found during one of McGee's regular check-ups and they have since been successfully removed, without the need for chemo or radiotherapy. Speaking to The Sun about her diagnosis, she revealed it "scared her to death".

“Although I’ve had mammograms [scans for breast cancer] every two years, I never thought for a minute I’d ever have it myself. It scared me to death," she said. “They were talking about full mastectomy, taking flesh from my thighs. That was really scary given my dancing — and I was all on my own."

She added that receiving the diagnosis was even harder without having her late husband Paul Daniels around for support. McGee explained that the first surgeon she went to recommended a mastectomy, but she instead opted for a smaller operation to have the affected areas removed.

“I was worried about what they’d find — and very worried about what I’d look like.

“That was a really scary moment when they started operating me.

“Yet I couldn’t even see where she [the surgeon] had cut me. I just thought it was amazing.

“I just think I’m the luckiest person alive because I had a mammogram and it showed up and it’s early, I won’t have any scarring or anything. It’s just incredible and the only reason for that is because I’ve had regular checks.”