The speculation surrounding Chief Minister Buzdar’s future as Chief Minister of Punjab has not fazed him one bit; in fact, it has shown that the CM is a much more capable and seasoned politician than his detractors would give him credit for. Many MPAs from ruling PTI in Punjab have already thrown their weight behind the Chief Minister, and his own efforts to woo other dissident voices back on to his side tells us that his opponents have greatly underestimated the capabilities of CM Buzdar. If he manages to successfully quell any disagreement from within Punjab, other party leaders beyond the province cannot have much to say against him.

Those that have consistently called for his removal or predicted it will be left disappointed. The rumours of a forward bloc and other disagreements with party leaders in Punjab have all been put to bed before they got out of hand, and the credit for this goes to the CM. The Chief Minister’s resolute determination to continue work in the province even amidst all the opposition coming in from his own party tells us that the Prime Minister may in fact have chosen the right man to run Punjab after all.

The problems with Mr Buzdar’s administrative capabilities are also not seemingly substantiated with any fact or specific issues within the province in any case. There are those within the ruling party that covet the Chief Minister’s position for themselves, and are placing their own greed above the interests of Punjab. And it is because of this individualistic attitude that the noise against the CM is even being talked about right now.

And apart from trusting his own work and abilities, perhaps this is where the Chief Minister gets a confidence boost; the Prime Minister has reiterated time and again that he will not replace Usman Buzdar, no matter what. If many believed that this support was only surface-level will undoubtedly have to change their minds after Imran Khan’s visit to Lahore on Sunday.

As has been repeated by the close functionaries of government aware of the Prime Minister’s decision-making process; Chief Minister Buzdar is here to stay. His own ability to handle a potential political kerfuffle coupled with the Prime Minister’s backing makes his place as the chief executive Punjab all but certain. It is time his opponents realise this and move on.