ISLAMABAD-The motorists stressed need for more parking space in the Cantonment limits as they have to face problem to get parking space in the main bazaar and they had no option but to park their vehicles on main roads.

“We have to park the vehicle wherever we find space,” said Mohammad Anwar, a visitor to the bazaar while talking to APP.

“Parking in the Saddar is a difficult job. It will take more than an hour to find a vacant place to park vehicle. I parked the vehicle in front of a shopping mall as there was no parking in its basement,” said Mohammad Bilal, a visitor to Adamjee Road.

Several visitors were of the view that encroachments had reduced roads in Saddar to narrow strips.

“People parked their vehicle and motorcycles on both sides of Chotta Bazaar leaving very limited space to drive on,” Waseem Ahmed, a visitor to the road said.

Commercial plazas in Saddar have failed to allocate parking space for visitors.

According to the Rawalpindi Cantonment Board’s building bylaws, a commercial building on The Mall with more than two floors must allocate 25 feet in the front and the basement for parking. On Bank Road, a commercial building should leave 10 feet in front and the basement for parking.

However, commercial buildings in both areas have converted their basements into shops, and the RCB has failed to enforce the rules for traders.