Eczema is a type of skin disorder which means inflammation of the skin. It causes itching, redness, blisters and patches and is observed in 80% of the population in Pakistan. The exact cause of eczema is still unknown, however, there are several factors which causes triggering of the skin. These include dust, pollen, detergents, perfumes, polyester, dairy products, synthetic fabrics, stress and other environmental factors. No cure is still found for eczema except that the patient needs to take precautions.

According to a recent research by Tom Reid in 2019, polyester and synthetic fabrics were proven as the worst choices for an eczema patient to wear as they trap the moisture and do not allow it to evaporate, resulting in discomfort and itchiness of the skin. However, the research also proved natural fabrics such as cotton and bamboo as the best choice for them. Natural fabrics are considered as the best absorbents and that’s all what an eczema patient wants.

Dr.Rupert fully discussed the structure of cotton fabric in her article. The main reason why cotton was becoming unfriendly was determined. Cotton, on approximately first four to five wears is friendly, but as it is washed several times, tiny short fibres start appearing on the surface of the fabric. These short fibers, when rubbed with the skin cause irritation and the same effect which synthetic fabric do.

Another research proved bamboo fabric as the best choice. Unlike cotton, it does not produce tiny fibers when washed several times and is four times more absorbent than cotton. In addition, it has anti- bacterial properties already instilled in it, which will keep the skin free from all sorts of bacteria. It grows naturally, without the need of toxic pesticides and requires limited fertilizers, therefore, proven to be skin friendly.

A major obstacle was covered but is bamboo fabric available in the market? If yes, then how come the doctors still don’t know?

Moreover, if this fabric is produced in the market, it can be used in various other ways except clothing. Bedsheets, cushions, pillow covers in bamboo fabric would also be a great help for them as they will have a peaceful sleep like others.

Based on the strong research conducted, the product I wish for is a genuine and a valid one as eczema patients cover a large segment of our population and their basic required requirement of an anti bacterial fabric such as bamboo is neglected. This one step can bring a little ease in their tough lifes, and being a good citizen, I would wish for the safety and betterment of people surrounding me.