KARACHI                   -                 The solo show of artworks by renowned painter Asim Amjad witnessed a decent turn out of art connoisseurs here at the Ocean Art Gallery (OAG) on Sunday.

Asim Amjad, a professional artist, is also a pioneer in the arts and drama therapy in the country.

Talking to his admirers, the artist said he believed that art was the energy of life and a source of beauty.

“As a psychic energy, it creates self awareness and insight that enables an individual to enhance his or her abstract thinking,” said Amjad who also has a Master’s degree in Psychology.

This is besides completing his degree programmes from Pakistan National Council of the Arts (PNCA), Islamabad and

Lahore Arts Council, respectively.

The Lahore born artist, while sharing his thoughts and reflections with regard to the current exhibition, said the world is exposed to a mental phenomenon that people could not make sense of what may be behind the mask of life.

“Man has become a melancholic clown and his commitments with life have become an erotic matter of fact,” he observed.

In reply to a question, the painter said his landscapes were the personification of his innate hidden emotions that he wanted to capture himself.

“My exhausted soul still breathing in the realm of raped ethical values of my beloved society; searching the beauty of nature in the heart of compassion,” commented the sensitive painter.

The exhibition opened here Saturday evening will continue in the metropolis for next few days.

Earlier, Khalil Ahmed, the owner and CEO of Ocean Art Galleries, while introducing Asim Amjad, said he was committed to promoting quality work and encouraging artists of the country.

“Our priority is to facilitate artists in getting proper projection of their work and simultaneously enabling art lovers gain access to a high quality work in a congenial environment,” said Ahmed.