Rahim Yar Khan-Six years ago the United Arab Emirates (UAE) completed a two-kilometer-long bridge over the Indus River between Rahim Yar Khan and Rojhan, which was not functional due to non construction of river guided walls and approached roads by the Punjab government. But due to the construction of a special steel bridge, it has been activated on Saturday. The distance between Rahim Yar Khan and Rojhan was reduced from 180km to 40km with the construction of that bridge.

Some members of the UAE’s royal family came for hunting purpose in this area. The tribal chiefs of this area had urged the UAE government to build a bridge over the Indus River between Rahim Yar Khan and Rojhan so that the people of the area could get rid of the long and difficult distances. On which the UAE government.agreed to build the brige. The construction of the bridge was temporarily diverted on the Indus River, which was completed in 2015, but the river guides could not be constructed by the Punjab Government due to which the water was temporarily diverted. The original route could not be returned and the approached roads could not be constructed so that the bridge could not be operational for the last six years.

The bridge has now been activated from Saturday to the completion of transport of small vehicles. However, construction of the guided valves and approach roads will be completed so that all traffic will pass through this bridge.