India has been accorded the status of 'Axis of Democracy' that stretches to include Australia and Japan. The global powers (United States and its cohorts) are supporting India and have contracted diverse strategic pacts with it to contain China. Pakistan's crucial help in fighting the so-called war on terrorism has been ignored and it has been bypassed in the regional strategic configurations. What have we gained? Bomb blasts, instability, poverty and looming threats of disintegration. That is the reward of our poor people for suffering and sacrifices done in the war on terrorism. It is only because one man leads our most powerful institutions by the nose to serve the myopic interest of his perpetuation in power. The western powers have accorded taciturn support to him to subjugate and strangulate our institutions to get their ulterior designs in the region fulfilled. Our most popular leader, the last hope of our federation, was killed by these powers to advance their plans. India is procuring enormous benefits from United States, European Union and Japan, for virtually doing nothing. We have done so much but achieved nothing. India has been knitted into the "Axis of Democracy" with Australia and Japan. The poor people of Pakistan want to know why they have been rendered orphan. If Benazir had not been assassinated, Pakistan would have been a member of the "Axis of Democracy". -PROF DR ABDUL QAYUM MANGI, Sukkur, via e-mail, July 12.