KARACHI - Pakistan People's Party (PPP) Secretary-General Jahangir Badr has ruled out that PPP is going to sack Makhdoom Amin Faheem from the slot of vice president. "If Fahim and any central leader have reservations against the PPP co-chairman Asif Ali Zardari and PPP ministers than they should criticise them on the party platform." Talking to reporters at a luncheon party hosted by PPP Sindh secretary-general Nafees Siddiqui in his honour on Saturday, he said that he urged Amin Faheem that if he had any reservation against the PPP co-chairman and PPP ministers than he should criticise them on the party platform rather openly pointing the PPP-led coalition government. "As PPP secretary-general, I understand that PPP vice president has right to criticise the PPP leadership and ministers but he should choose the right platform and I am ready to call the party's central executive committee meeting where he can openly criticised the PPP top leadership and PPP ministers," he suggested. After the assassination of PPP slain chairperson Benazir Bhutto, it was Badr's first visit here. To a question, he said that PPP top leadership did not sidelined party's central leaders nor any plan to sack any from the party. On query concerning Salman Taseer's appointment as Punjab governor, he responded that it was solely the power of the president to appoint governor of the province but PPP welcomed the decision. "PPP never accepted President Pervez Musharraf as constitutional head of the country." He defended the PPP 100 day's government adding that he challenged PML (Q) that government's 100 days are better than their regime. "We inherited all the problems of previous rulers and tried their best to resolve the issues of the masses," he added. He added that PPP fought against four military dictators and always done politics as per people wishes saying that he assured the people that PPP-led coalition government would take the country out of all the current crisis and external dangers. "We wanted that Fata and Balochistan issues should be resolved with dialogue. I am not aware about the ongoing military operation in Balochistan and interior minister will better brief about it," he added. Defending the government, he said that the soaring prices of oil was an international phenomena not PPP-led government's fault. Badr lashed out at PML-Q top leadership adding that it has no right to criticise the government and PML-Q's mess could not be cleaned in 100 days. Replying to query about PPP soft stance on Musharraf, he said that PPP never compromise on politics of principles and clarified that he was an unconstitutional president. "Did PPP comprise in 2002 election with Musharraf when he offered the PPP to form government," he questioned.     PPP Sindh secretary-general Nafees Siddiqui, PPP acting Sindh information secretary Waqar Mehadi, PPP Karachi division president Syed Faisal Raza Abidi and former Karachi division president Rashid Rabbani were also present on the occasion.