LAHORE- Chairperson Child Protection and Welfare Bureau (CP&WB) Dr Faiza Asgher has resigned from her office and served a legal notice on MPA Nighat Nasir Sheikh for tarnishing her image by making defamatory statements against her, sources disclosed here on Saturday. In the legal notice served through Barrister Mahmood Sheikh, Dr Faiza Asgher has sought public apology and Rs 500 million as damages from Nighat within 15 days otherwise legal proceedings would be initiated against her. It is worth mentioning here that Nighat Sheikh publicly stated that Dr Faiza had embezzled the funds worth over millions of rupees from the bureau while she was the Chairperson of the CP&WB. Sources in the Punjab government further revealed that Dr Faiza Asgher has forwarded her resignation to the Chief Minister Punjab, Mian Shahbaz Sharif. "We don't have the information whether the resignation has been accepted so far or not," sources maintained. In her resignation (a copy of which available with The Nation) she said, "Sir, I am basically a Paediatrician, American Board qualified working in the field of Child Rights since last 30 years in Pakistan and USA. I have been serving only for almighty Allah without expecting any worldly benefit since 2003 with full dedication, sincerity and honesty for these unfortunate souls." "Presently due to the change in the political scenario it has become very difficult for me to continue this noble work without the political will, backing and support of the Governmental machinery particularly Administrative Department," she said. It further said, "I have been facing hurdles, interference and some other problems in my working even to handle the day-to-day affairs. I do acknowledge the confidence of the Punjab government extended on me while re-notifying me as a chairperson but due to the above mentioned problems I cannot continue my work in its true spirit, unless I have the full backing and support of the patron in chief and administrative department." I had been appointed as adviser to the Government of the Punjab in 2003 to develop a policy for the protection and welfare of the destitute and neglected children particularly street, lost, runaway and beggar children. I have been working on the project from its conceptual framework to new legislation and finally setting up of the infrastructure of the CP&WB since 2003. During this period I worked exclusively on the honorary basis without any perks and privileges till now for the cause of Allah. I would like to mention some of the achievements and progress of the CP&WB made since 2003. I started working on the project in 2003 without any transport, communication facility, even no supporting staff and office for meeting with different stakeholders to draft the policy. I used my own conveyance to visit different places for conducting situation analysis and data collection. Simultaneously, I reviewed laws related to the Child Protection and Welfare and a draft was prepared in consultation with the different NGOs, Government Departments, particularly Law, Regulation, Social Welfare and Home and other stakeholders without spending even a single penny of the Punjab government. It was finalized and presented in the Punjab Assembly. The Punjab Assembly passed the bill "Punjab Destitute & Neglected Children Act in June, 2004." "Issue of the Pakistani children used in camel racing in the UAE and the other gulf states was addressed very professionally and after repatriation of 745 camel jockey children from UAE their family tracing, rehabilitation and now follow up to avoid re-trafficking was made in close collaboration with the Government of United Arab Emirates and UNICEF. Recently UAE Government have requested CP&WB to work for them on compensation project through government of Pakistan reflects the devotion and commitment of the CP&WB and its team." Sources further revealed that the Punjab government re-notified Dr Faiza Asgher as the Chairperson of CP&WB following the UAE government contacted PML-N Quaid Mian Nawaz Sharif and asked him not to de-notify her position. Meanwhile, when contacted Dr Faiza Asgher confirmed that she resigned from her office following some persons tried to damage her reputation to achieve their 'designs'. She further hoped that the CM Punjab would appoint a most suitable, dedicated and well-educated person of this position to run the institution more effectively. "This is not a job. This is a mission to serve the deserving and destitute community," she added. To a question, she said that MPA Nighat Nasir Sheikh issued scandalous statements against her publicly. "So I have the right to file a law suit against her and I have served legal notice to initiate legal proceedings against her," Dr Faiza added.