THE Indian defence establishment is 'concerned' over the US decision to divert $230 million in aid to Pakistan from counter-terrorism programme to upgrade its F-16 fighter jets, reports Indian media. "Acquisition of new airborne capabilities by Pakistan is definitely a matter of concern for us since it's always primarily directed at us. If US thinks Pakistan will only use its upgraded F-16s for counter-terrorism, it's sadly mistaken," said a top defence officer, who refused to be named. Western Air Command (WAC) chief, Air Marshal PK Barbora, in turn, said, "Every country does what it thinks is needed for its defence requirements. The question is what is going to be given to Pakistan with the F-16 upgrade plan." The Bush administration, on its part, holds Pakistan's F-16s will be upgraded with advanced targeting, precision-guided munitions and radar systems to improve their capability to attack terrorist targets along the volatile Afghan border. This upgrade plan of the 30 of the original 40 F-16s acquired by Pakistan between 1983 and 1987, however, comes after Washington also agreed to sell Islamabad 18 to 25 spanking new F-16 variants, armed with a wide array of advanced missiles. "Moreover, Pakistan will begin inducting the first lot of the planned 250 JF-17 'Thunder' fighters from China by end-2008. We obviously have to keep a close watch on this. Fighters are weapons of war, not of counter-terrorism," said another officer.