ISLAMABAD - The government has finalised draft of new culture policy after revising over a decade-old policy of 1995 making it an action-oriented document to be implemented at the grassroots level.   "Text of the revised policy is being written by Chairman of Lok Virsa, Uxi Mufti. The task was given to him by the Ministry of Culture with a view to complete it within time period of one week, but he did not submit it within given time period", source said on condition of anonymity here. He said that former PPP leader and a literary figure Fakhar Zaman had written the old policy, which mostly contained philosophical ideas. He further continued that the ministry wants to announce an action-oriented policy, which would be introduced with certain amendments in view of changed circumstances and would cover culture-related subjects even at grassroots level. When Lok Virsa Chairman Uxi Mufti was contacted for comments, he said that the policy document contained 50 pages. "I am not writing the entire text of the policy but just advising my ministry and would add some suggestions. He further said that the ministry wants to introduce it as soon as possible, adding it would be balanced and positive policy that would have all necessary characteristics for creating soft and positive image of the country. It is pertinent to mention here that after a long 12 years, in 2007, the Ministry of Culture had decided to revise the policy. The revision follows over a decade and official of ministry always claimed being in process of introducing revised policy that would be match with requirement of new developments. Initially, Additional Secretary of Culture Shahnaz Hamad was given this task but due to her transfer to Karachi, Culture Secretary Shahid Rafi took this responsibility. During process of finalising draft of the policy, the ministry had launched its website and invited views and comments from arts professionals, members of the public, stakeholders, including cultural departments of provinces.