ISLAMABAD - Half-baked policy of the Ministry of Education to bring the level of FG Schools at par with Model Schools has rather created mess, as now the parents cannot get their children enrolled neither in morning nor in evening classes. All Islamabad Model Colleges, including recently converted 34 Model Schools, have been offering admissions from class 3 to 10th in the evening shifts. Admissions in Class 1 and 2 are only available in morning shifts. Due to limited seats in the morning shifts, the administrations of the schools have not been giving admission forms to the parents. The Federal Directorate of Education (FDE) had issued directives in 2007 to the Model Schools and Colleges up to higher secondary level that classes would be held from 3:00pm to 10:00pm in the evening shifts and classes of 1 and 2 would be held in the morning only. Half-hearted policies have left the people in trouble and they have been returning back desperately, as in morning shift limited seats are available. Every one wants to enroll their children in the Model Colleges due to their high standards in imparting education. However, Dr Mujahid Zamir, Director Model Colleges, FDE, opined that the former government had implemented that policy only in 34 Model Schools last year, which were earlier F.G Schools. The programme was started without notification and is yet to be implemented fully. The plan was to shift the children gradually from evening to morning shift so that the evening shift could be abandoned. As many as 121 primary schools had to convert into model schools according to PC-1 for which 812 qualified teachers were needed. Due to the absence of qualified teachers the directorate abandoned the idea of converting 121 Federal Government Primary Schools into Model Schools and converted 34 primary schools into model schools as a pilot projects. Whereas the Education Ministry believes that the fault lies on the part of FDE as after making the policy, it's the responsibility of the directorate to implement it with letter and spirit.