KARACHI  - New drug for cholesterol reduction called Ezetimibe has been found which prevents cholesterol absorption from the gut and, when combined with Statins, the "wonder drug" causes a dramatic reduction in LDL cholesterol as it enabled to reach the target levels of LDL more effectively. This was stated by Dr Mahmud Jilani, Professor of Medicine at Ziauddin University while speaking at the Continuing Medical Education Program held at Ziauddin University. Explaining, he said, Dyslipidemia is an altered balance in the body of various lipid carrier particles called as lipoproteins; serve to transport lipids from one part of the body to another. The 'good cholesterol', which is the HDL and the 'bad cholesterol', which comprises of the LDL, VLDL, and the chlyomicrons are two categories of it. He said that bad cholesterol increased concentration causes deposition of lipids in the blood vessels in various places throughout the body. This decreases the lumen of the blood vessel which in the event of a thrombosis, leads to severe or complete occlusion of the vessel. Consequently, the tissue distal to the site of obstruction due to lack of oxygen, is unable to survive. This is particularly dangerous if it occurs in the heart or the brain causing heart attack or stroke. He recalled that in the 1990's 'wonder drugs' called Statins and considered as 'new spirins' were discovered for the lowering of bad cholesterol LDL and elevating the good protective cholesterol HDL and said it caused significant reduction in death and disability from health attacks and stroke. Professor Jilani said that the primary target of cholesterol management was the LDL cholesterol. The lower the LDL, the lower the risk of heart attacks and strokes. He said Ezetimibe also cuts down the cost of treatment. Hundreds of millions of people all over the world have been benefiting from this strategy. However, a recent trial called 'ENHANCE' has triggered of controversy by showing that this combination is not superior to the use of Stsatins alone. He said that a big debate on the issue is in the medical circles these days. This suggests that lowering of LDL may not be the only factor in cardiovascular risk protection. Statins may have some other, as yet unclear mechanism(s) of action, which prevent arterial occlusion, and prolongs life. According to him new trials are underway to clarify the clinical benefits of Ezetimibe. Until the results of these studies are available in three to four years time, Statins remain the cornerstone of cholesterol management for the prevention of heart attacks and strokes. The CME program of Ziauddin Medical University was attended by the family physicians, postgraduate medical residents and other doctors.