ISLAMABAD - The dangerous trend of one-wheeling is witnessing alarming increase in the Capital, with authorities concerned being unable to curb the growing traffic challenge. One wheel drive on part of youth is posing a serious challenge to Islamabad traffic authorities. The young motor bikers, mostly teenagers, are seen driving their bikes at full speed on single wheel at night hours. Mostly, they are found on 7th Avenue, 9th Avenue, Islamabad Highway and Margalla Highway. The officials of model traffic police are reported to be absent at late night hours, thus leaving the citizens of Islamabad at the disposal of fun-loving teenagers who tend to break the traffic laws the way they want to. The youngsters who resort to one-wheeling often carry out dangerous stunts like laying flat on motorbikes, driving their bikes in standing positions, and driving with their backs facing the steering of motorbikes. The teenagers who carry out such dangerous stunts are often left unchecked by the Islamabad model traffic police. Moreover, several motorists have reported being harassed by one-wheelers at midnight. Certain cases of female harassment have also been witnessed. "They create a lot of fuss and miseries for the by-passers, these spoiled youngsters are endangering their lives as well as ours, for the sake of fun", said Ms Ghazala who fell victim to harassment by teenagers at 7th Avenue. Another motorist Rauf Anjum stated, "I was coming back to my home with my family, after attending a wedding ceremony at the weekend. We were chased, harassed and hooted at, by some spoiled brats who were driving motorbikes. They followed us till we reached home". "Traffic wardens can't do anything but to pacify us" he lamented. The traffic authorities when contacted agreed that one wheel drive is posing a serious challenge to Islamabad traffic system. "It is a serious problem and several cases of harassment have been reported to us. We are working to adopt counter measures but it has to be realized that escaping on motorbikes is much easier as compare to cars or other vehicles", stated a traffic warden seeking anonymity. However, he could not come up with any satisfactory answer in response to a query, pertaining to the absence of traffic authorities at late night, which provides ample opportunities for youngsters to misuse their motorbikes. "You must ask this question to higher-ups I am not in position to answer this", he mentioned. Another traffic cop observed that ordinarily, the youths who resort to dangerous stunts on bikes come from well-off families. At times, they are caught by traffic police and are fined heavily but they pay the fine amounts without being troubled. "They come from rich backgrounds and pay money happily when fined. Imposition of fines is not a solution to this problem, since they come from sound backgrounds. These spoiled youths must be imprisoned and sentenced rigorous punishment", he suggested. Many incidents of the tragic deaths of youngsters while driving motorbikes on single wheel had been witnessed in Rawalpindi. The helplessness on part of traffic authorities is only adding to the problem. The motorists have also criticised the Capital traffic police for its dual standards. "At one hand the motorists who tend to cross 70 km/h even with a slight difference are charged Rs 300 to Rs 1,000 but on the other, the motorcyclists are at liberty to challenge the traffic laws without being hurdled", said Jamal Akram while venting his spleen on the double standards of traffic authorities. "It's the responsibility of parents who buy motorbikes to their teenage sons to have a proper check on them. Our traffic police too, should keep a watchful eye on them. It takes no time for our traffic cops to stop and fine motor car drivers but they remain sleeping when youngsters carry out dangerous stunts", he added.