ISLAMABAD - Reiterating Pakistan's firm resolve to fight terrorism, President Pervez Musharraf said that containing extremism or terrorism is in the interest of Pakistan. He was talking to Dr Harlan Ullman, a leading US foreign policy analyst, who called on him here on Saturday. The  President also highlighted the government's multi-pronged strategy combining security, political and development measures and the need to follow it aggressively. During the meeting, the views regarding relations between Pakistan and US and the regional situation were also exchanged, a Press release issued here by the Foreign Ministry said. President Musharraf further underlined the importance of a strong relationship between the two countries. Dr Ullman said that a close relationship was in the interest of the both countries as well as regional peace and stability. Dr Ullman is a senior advisor to US think-tank, the Centre for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), the Atlantic Council and author of several books. Monitoring Desk adds: While expressing concerns over NATO attacks in tribal areas, President Musharraf warned that no such attacks will be tolerated in future, and that Pakistan reserves the right to retaliate, reported a private TV channel, quoting sources. Talking to Dr Harlan Ullman, Musharaf asserted that the Afghan-based NATO forces are not being attacked from the Pakistani soil nor is any cross-border activity taking place from here. The President reiterated that a stable Afghanistan is in the interest of Pakistan, and said baseless allegations against Pakistan could affect the global war on terror. Dr Ullman told the President that the Pak-Afghan border security is a joint responsibility of both the countries and cooperation between them is the need of the hour.