In Pakistan, it seems we are following the rule of the evil, he who is evil and bad will be granted unlimited wealth and ease in life. The PM has to realise that with continuous increasing in the price of electricity many consumers are forced to steal electricity. My friend, a banker in Karachi, told me that large and small organisations are stealing electricity now; he says that many private banks are also stealing electricity, as in Karachi the ‘bhatta’ system has forced even businesses to steal electricity.

To bring an end to this epidemic in Pakistan, the PM has to just pass one simple law, he should hold all WAPDA linemen responsible for any electricity theft. If any transgression is found, the area lineman should be heavily fined and given 3-6 months sentence as well as terminated. Only when harsh rules are applied will this nation learn. In Pakistan, we have the relevant staff and equipment to fix all problems; our workers just don't have the heart to do their jobs honestly. There should be clear cut responsibility and no blame game should be allowed. People should be held responsible, especially the big fish taking home large salaries and millions in perks.


Peshawar, July 16.