Doubtlessly, there have been just too many elections in this country but this is an indisputable fact that all those elections have failed to deliver, ‘true and effective representation’ of the people of Pakistan. History is witness that when people have put too much trust and power into the hands of representatives, that had no moral or ethical values, they were simply asking for trouble. There is a lesson to be learnt from what German people ended up with for following Adolf Hitler without giving the consequences any thought. There is a lesson to learn from Russians who followed Lenin. It did not take long for the Russian people to end up with that and endure a new Tsar, Tsar Lenin.

The best system is the age old system of ‘of the people, by the people, for the people’. But by rallying round Lenin they abandoned the best system and opted for the worst. The fact is that when the people are prepared to think about the betterment collectively and to turn their thoughts into action, peacefully, methodically, upholding justice at all times, then they will certainly enable themselves to achieve what they want to achieve. The deprived and denied people of Pakistan need to ponder over this but they cannot because a vast majority of them live in extreme poverty and are prisoners of illiteracy. Perhaps sham representation has to remain their fate for the indefinite future.


Islamabad, July 22.