My father was a retired school teacher all his life, he never betrayed the dignity of his profession, he never gave tried to make a quick buck, and he always tried to be fair and honest with his profession. He gave all his children good education with his hard work, his kids are now doctors, he never thought of buying bungalows and cars but lived a simple life, even though all of us are now educated except three of my younger brothers and sisters are still in school. Leading a retired life, July 12, 2013 (2nd Ramadan) was a black day in our lives, He went to get his pension and on the way back he was hit by an over speeding car came from the wrong direction.

My esteemed father lay on the road for 30 minutes without anyone helping him! After half an hour someone took him to the hospital, the painful story does not end here, when he reached hospital there was no Medico legal case filed and no senior doctors were called, no cross matching for blood was done, even the duty doctor named Hamid labeled him as a ‘minor case’ and hid his wounds by fake bandages, I don't know how someone contacted the family and my mother. My brother, who is also a doctor at JPMC Karachi rushed to Hyderabad hospital, and the doctor’s on round were discussing the ‘minor case.’ I can't tell how much my father suffered as his right leg was completely crushed he had major injuries to his head and face and his hands had multiple fractures. I wonder how the doctors considered this as a minor case?

My brother asked the doctor about the treatment. At first he was reluctant to give any information. Seeing that his father had not been treated properly he started the treatment but as no blood matching had been done it became difficult to save his life as there had been extensive blood loss. My brother decided to take my father to JPMC Karachi but on the way due to severe blood loss internally and externally my father’s condition worsened and he passed away before they reached the hospital.

We cannot file an FIR for our father’s killer as we have no contacts and the police are not registering the case. We want justice for our father from the rash driver as well as the negligence shown by the hospital staff. I have high hopes that there is still justice and we will get justice for him, and whatever happened with us may never happen to anyone else.


Hyderabad, July 23.