Recent news of issuance Scooties for girls by government of Pakistan to eradicate the conveyance problem seems a bit out of place. This scheme sounds quite astonishing for the country like Pakistan where we do not see women or girls zoom on motor cycles on the streets.

More than half of the people in Pakistan are living below poverty line, they don’t have enough to eat, no shelter or clean water and our esteemed rulers can dream of females running around on Scooties? So when they will give the Scootie to a girl, studying in a university, will her family permit her to ride it to College? With boys whistling behind her, how will she ride it in a Sahlwar Kameez dress, and all this by the taxpayers’ money? I wish for once they would spend their personal wealth on one of these ridiculous projects. If they really wanted to help female students they could have arranged for more busses for only women on the routes to colleges.


Abbotabad, July 22.