ISLAMABAD - Scores of left-wing political workers, students, trade unionists and common citizens held a protest in front of National Press Club on Saturday against the ongoing military assault on the Palestinian people in Gaza and called upon all political forces in Pakistan and abroad to unite for opposing and ending the genocidal massacre being committed by Israel.
The protest was organised by Awami Workers Party (AWP) as part of an international day of solidarity with Palestine.
Speaking on the occasion, AWP leader Shehak Sattar said that unlike right-wing forces in Pakistan and elsewhere, the left wing does not consider the dispossession of Palestinians a civilisational conflict between Jews and Muslims. The basis for supporting Palestinians is not their religion - indeed, the Palestinians have multiple religious groups among their ranks - but the reality of the colonial occupation of the Palestinian people by the Zionist Israeli state. He said that national liberation of all peoples of the world and the legitimate Palestinian struggle will go on until - as happened with the South African apartheid regime - the racist Zionist regime is defeated.
Speaking on the occasion, National Students Federation leader Alia Amirali said that it is imperative for all freedom-loving people, regardless of their ethnic, religious and other backgrounds, to unite if the injustices in Palestine and indeed everywhere in the world are to be decisively challenged.