LAHORE - Senior columnists and journalists, while paying tributes to the services of late Dr Majid Nizami , remarked that he was the finest and classic example of Editorship in the history of journalism and his death had closed the golden chapter of true editorship in Pakistan.
They remarked that late Nizami was the last soul who stood for the Ideology of Pakistan with unquestionable devotion and passion.
Veteran columnist and journalist, Nazir Naji said, “Dr Majid Nizami was the last example of institution of true editorship. He raised his voice against the dictators and oppressive rulers without caring about the consequences and always stood by his principles. The editors of the current age fear to confront the dictators and oppressors and could not be called as the real editors.”
He remarked, “Dr Nizami was the person who not only witnessed the creation of Pakistan but also took active part in the movement of Pakistan. He was the last soul who stood against the forces opposing the Ideology of Pakistan.” Naji said that Dr Nizami was the best column writer and jewel in the crown of journalism.
Atta-ul-Haq Qasmi, another senior columnist said, “The chapter of classic example of editorship is closed with the death of Dr Majid Nizami .” He said that he had not seen such a strong commitment for Ideology of Pakistan in any person other than Dr Majid Nizami .
“Dr Nizami was the real defender of Ideology of Pakistan. He always stood by his principles and confronted the oppressive rule and dictators without any fear. He never visited any ruler and the rulers came to him to seek his advice,” Qasmi added. He said that Dr Nizami was his teacher and taught him the art of column writing.
Abdul Qadir Hassan, famous columnist and veteran journalist expressing his views: “Dr Majid Nizami was the best editor and finest example of editorship and I think the void created after his death could not be filled.” He remarked that Dr Nizami was the last man standing against the forces of Ideology of Pakistan and Islamic values.
Attaur Rehman, senior journalist, remarked: “A glorious chapter of journalism’s history is closed with the death of Dr Majid Nizami .” He said Nizami stood against the dictatorships of Ayub Khan, Yayha Khan and Ziaul Haq. During the Musharraf regime, the advertisements of Nawa-i-Waqt group were blocked but Nizami didn’t care about the financial losses.”
Absar Abdul Ali, director Hameed Nizami Press Institute of Pakistan (HNPIP) said, “Despite adverse circumstances, Dr  Nizami kept the collective media conscience alive.”
Lahore Press Club president Arshad Ansari, vice president Afzal Talib, secretary Mian Shahbaz, joint secretary Farzana Ch, treasurer Asif Ch and the entire members of governing body also expressed their heartfelt condolence over the sad demise of veteran journalist, who breathed his last in Lahore. In their condolence message, they said that the services of deceased would be remembered for a long time.