Five lac cusecs of flood water from the Indus, is flowing down the drains every day while Karachi city is pining for water. Rana Sanaullah has done the right thing to announce that Punjab favors KBD.

He has thrown a gauntlet at Imran Khan to get a resolution in favor of KBD from KPK assembly. Khan has been put on the spot to decide the case of KBD in self interest as also in Pakistan’s interest. KPK would get 14% share of 6.1maf of water which would irrigate 8 lac acres of D.I.K. in KPK Province, where the barren land is waiting for irrigation.

This is a test case for Imran Khan to prove his love for Pakistan ,and also for KPK. 21st century is reported to have extreme weather and heavy rains. It is time that we capitalize on the water resources.

Khan must face reality as a former captain and take a bold step to get approval from the KPK assembly in favour of KBD. ANP is no longer in power and is silent. It is a God sent opportunity for him to prove his mettle to decide in favour of KBD which is a win-win situation for everyone and there ought to be no objection for KBD whatsoever. Imran Khan should consult Shams-ul-Mulk who is an eminent engineer and former Chief Minister and also former Chairman of WAPDA and is most learned in water matters.


Lahore, July 23.