The world, in general terms, can be characterised as having fewer resources and more tasks, thereby leaving a space solely for those who run their lives by giving priority of time. Pakistan is a state which is practically in denial of such golden principles such as honesty, punctuality and many others. Preferring metro bus projects over the basic necessities is a stance of a country and ruling gone wrong.

With great regret Pakistan at the moment is lacking inter-provincial harmony and even the cohesion and consensus between the federal and provincial set ups. As a foreseeable consequence, the victim is as usual ‘the masses.’ Political leaders often regard priorities but surely for their respective political parties’ survival and not for their country. Here the cruel and dishonest federal government announces green buses projects, for the people of Sindh, instead of addressing their real needs, that are water shortage and preventing terrorism etc.

The equitable distribution of resources is pivotal to the progress of the country otherwise the anarchy and disparity will certainly be the fate of the people. The constructions of dams are far more important, but with great dismay no priority is given. The moment we learn to properly prioritise, we will see the benefits and relief that will start trickling down to the population of Pakistan which ultimately will lead to a better Pakistan; a prosperous Pakistan and a safer Pakistan.


Lahore, July 15.