Some time back it was reported that the Sindh Police is to install 4,000, 12 mega-pixel, high definition closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras across Karachi. 

According to DIG Administration Karachi Police, Ghulam Sarwar Jamali, almost half of the 2200 existing cameras are out of order. Moreover, these are only two megapixel cameras which cannot identify any object or person. The current CCTV cameras are only for monitoring purpose ‘Safe city project’ launched in Islamabad is a very good initiative. 1800 cameras will be installed in important buildings, entry and exit points of the city, major roads; commercial centers i.e. shopping malls etc. These cameras will be capable of facial recognition. The government must also launch such a project in financial hub of country as it will reduce criminal activity to a great extent. 


Karachi, June 28.