LAHORE - PPP chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has extended the deadline for party’s reorganization in the four provinces, thereby raising questions over its seriousness to launch an anti-government movement along with other opposition parties. 

Party sources confided to The Nation yesterday that Bilawal has extended the tenure of reorganisation committees with instructions to complete the preliminary work for party’s reorganization by August 31st.

Major opposition parties especially the PPP and the PTI are building momentum to take the people to the streets over the issue of Panama Leaks and shortage of electricity. But there are questions over their ability to initiate an effective campaign against the government given the disunity among their ranks and file. If the PTI is facing intra-party dissensions, the PPP cadres are totally ineffective at the moment.

The PPP had dissolved all its provincial chapters in April this year to revamp the party ahead of the next general elections. Reorganizing committees consisting of senior party leaders were tasked to formulate recommendations about the future set up within three months, but they could not complete their work within the stipulated time frame. 

It has been learnt that in a recent meeting held at Karachi with Bilawal Bhutto in the chair, heads of these committees sought extension in their tenure for another three months, but they were directed to finalize their suggestions by the end of August this year.

“We could not meet the three-month deadline due to stoppage of work in the holy month of Ramadan”, convener of Punjab’s reorganisation committee, Ch Manzoor told The Nation. In central Punjab, he added, recommendations for the new set up in five districts have been finalized. They include Nankana, Sheikhupura, Sahiwal, Okara and Pakpattan. The districts of Gujrat, Attock, Rawalpindi and the federal area will be covered in the coming week, he added. 

Sources said that reorganization committees in rest of the provinces are also in the process of completing their assigned task.   

As per the modus operandai, members of the reorganizing committees are meeting senior party men in various districts to get their feedback on party’s future set up. They are also being asked to advise the party leadership to fill the offices of president and general secretary at the provincial and district levels.

The reorganisation committees will present their reports to Bilawal Bhutto who will make a final decision. This is for the first time that opinion of party workers is being sought to make nominations for senior slots in the four provinces. Before this, it was the sole prerogative of the party chief to decide about different portfolios.