THRIUVANTHAPURAM:  Stating that brute force is no way to break the resolve of protesters, renowned civil society member and Hindu scholar Swami Agnivesh has said that if India believes that Kashmri people can be tamed through pellets and bullets then the people at the helm of affairs are living in a fool’s paradise.

Talking to Kashmir based news agency CNS from Kerala’s capital Thriuvanthapuram, Swami Agnivesh said it is high time for India to start a meaningful dialogue with Pakistan and take measures to revoke draconian Armed Forces Special Powers Act from Jammu and Kashmir.

“The job of Army is to protect the borders and not to deal with native protesters. Army is not a solution to any problem, so Government of India should demilitarize the region so that peaceful and conducive atmosphere for dialogue could be created,” he said.

Agnivesh said that India should not feel shy in engaging separatist leadership of Kashmir which are respected and followed by people. “Instead of using pellets and bullets it is in the interest of India to find a lasting solution to Kashmir problem,” Agnivesh said and appealed people of Kashmir to stage peaceful protests.

“When you resort to violence, armed forces get excuse to kill you. Organize peaceful protests with tied hands and I will join your protest. Not only me, but my organization and likeminded persons from India will join your peaceful protests to show the world that Kashmiri’s are running a peaceful movement for their legitimate rights,” Agnivesh said and added that if armed forces in Kashmir will target peaceful protesters then India will get exposed and face a moral defeat across globe.