“The ultimate rulers of our democracy

are not a President and senators and congressmen and government officials,

but the voters of this country.”

–Franklin D. Roosevelt – July,1938.

The ideas of equality and integration are culminated in the concept of democracy, which not only allows citizens to be seen as equal before the law but also gives them the right to give consent in the building of state institutions. Though the roots of democracy trace back to as early as 500 B.C, even in the 21st century it is the most highly-thought of system of governance. We have seen how autocratic regimes have been overthrown time and again. The most recent struggle towards attaining democracy was witnessed in Arab spring which began with the Tunisian revolution in December 2010. Following this, rebellions sprung up in Syria, Libya, Yemen and Egypt. States which have adopted democracy earlier on, till this day, strive to make conditions more favourable for democratic practices. Some states like Australia have secured their claim of democracy by making voting compulsory for all of it citizens while other states like Great Britain promote the very concept of democracy by encouraging the creation of pressure groups like Fathers4Justice, AgeUK etc. Argentina and some other states have improved democratic conditions by lowering voting age from eighteen to sixteen. All these commendable efforts have proven to political philosophers that even thousands of years after its inception, democracy continues to serve the interest of individuals and therefore it shall prevail.