MULTAN: Police have taken late Qandeel Baloch’s elder sister Shahnaz in custody, after she was made part of murder investigation following revelation of mobile phone data.

The Facebook star was strangled to death by her younger brother named Waseem with the help of his cousin earlier this month for bringing ‘shame’ to family’s name by posting videos of social media that are not deemed right morally by conservatives in the country.

Waseem was arrested a day after he fled the crime scene in Multan house.

He confessed to the killing and underwent a polygraph test in Lahore last week in which he stated that he had received a phone call from his elder brother residing in Saudi Arabia who criticised him for ‘not doing anything’ after their sister was involved in a controversy with a cleric.

Qandeel’s cousin, Haq Nawaz who Waseem had confessed to get help from in the crime offered his surrender in Dera Ghazi Khan.

According to the key criminal, he held Qandeel’s hands while Nawaz strangled her to death after she was drugged that night for less resistance.

Victim’s parents also claimed that they were intoxicated that night by their son.