Rawalpindi-Police claimed to have arrested 2,147 proclaimed offenders (POs) and other criminals who are allegedly involved in heinous cases and recovered 114 stolen vehicles and millions of rupees they looted in last six months.

According to a press release issued yesterday, City Police Officer Israr Ahmed Khan Abbasi disclosed that police carried out raids across the district and have nabbed a total of 2147 POs. He said that the police also registered 20 cases of robbery and arrested 68 suspects involved in robbery cases. During investigation, the police recovered Rs 28.946 million from their possession.

The police registered 156 cases of theft in last six months and arrested 224 suspects. The police had also recovered Rs8.927 million their custody. As far as murder cases were concerned, the police registered 117 cases and had arrested 159 suspects. The police registered five cases of kidnapping for ransom. The police arrested 13 suspected kidnappers and recovered six kidnapped persons safely.

Rawalpindi district police registered 24 cases of vehicle snatching and arrested 27 snatchers. The police had also recovered 15 snatched vehicles during the investigation. As far as motorcycle snatching was concerned, the police registered 32 cases and arrested 35 snatchers. The police also recovered 12 snatched bikes. The police registered 372 cases of vehicle theft in last six months and had been able to arrest 134 thieves. The police had recovered 92 stolen vehicles including seven vehicles stolen from Islamabad, Lahore, Gujranwala, and Sheikhupura.

The police had also registered four cases of encounter with outlaws and had arrested seven men in this regard. Further, the police registered 574 cases of using illicit weapons. The polcie had arrested 581 suspects for carrying illicit weapons and had recovered 16 Kalashnikovs, 10 rifles, 28 short guns, 465 pistols, 14 revolvers, one mozar, six 30 bore pistols, 2, 460 live bullets, and 25 daggers.

Rawalpindi police registered 1,057 cases of drug peddling and arrested 1070 suspected drug peddlers. The police also recovered 11.505 kilogram of heroin, 485.943 kg of hashish, and 8,109 bottles of liquor.

Further, the police busted 46 gangs of criminals including intra-provincial and intra-district gangs in last six months. The members of the gangs during interrogation confessed to have been involved in 242 criminal cases. The police also recovered Rs9.975 million, four cars, 19 other vehicles, 38 motorcycles, 123 pistols, and one revolver from the arrested men.

The police also carried out 428 search operations in different areas of the district and registered 11 cases under foreigners’ act.