With every passing day Pakistan is receiving angry letters from around the world, especially from the West, on the issue of asylum applications. The increasing number of asylum seekers is threatening to drain the resources of the West and therefore, they are trying their best to get rid of non-deserving immigrants. For this clause they are repatriating as many Pakistanis as possible, some of them came illegally, through human trafficking and some came legally with study visa but eventually applied for immigration.

According to a UNHCR report, Pakistani asylum seekers applying for permanent residential visa have been rapidly increasing in number. Germany deported more than 200,000 people.

Due to political instability, terror threats, religious discrimination of minority groups like the Hazara people, Christians and other ethnic groups feel threatened, which in turn forces them to pack their bags and to move to some more stable country. A large number of people die every year from suicide bombing and this seems to petrify the nationals even more and they tend to migrate abroad. Many countries are reluctant to give visas to Pakistanis. Their embassies have been asked to practice strict scrutiny of visa applicants from Pakistan.

A lot of Pakistani businessmen have been seen complaining because their visa applications are being denied frequently as western countries fear the rising burden and have already allowed immense population in their country. Businessman say that they shouldn’t be punished for the mistakes of some unscrupulous persons. A lot more statements like this have been made by many businessmen seeking visa for their business dealings. Visas to countries like Japan have become very difficult to acquire.

Furthermore, it was statistically reported by Norway embassy that more than 400 Pakistan nationals had applied for asylum in 2015. And most of them came on some sort of visit, business or academic visa but later decided to permanently extend their visa. After seeing the rising number of asylum seekers , Norway immediately passed an order that only the deserving ones will be granted nationality, especially Syrians or those in more need, because with a lot of non-deserving portraying that they deserve, many deserving or suffering ones suffer even more. Under the International Refugee Convention a person in dire need of protection is eligible for asylum. The Norwegian government further discouraged this wave of asylum seekers by reducing the benefits given to them and by imposing more laws on their families.

People, who apply for permanent residential visas, should keep one thing in their mind that if their request is once denied they must return to their native country and those who do not return voluntarily they are deported. No nation is bound to suffer under the name of humanity, every country struggles to meet its resources to the fullest and if their economy and resources are burdened then they must look after their needs first instead of others. Although, it is the duty of every nation under United Nations and European Union to help other country’s people if they are in need, but those who apply only for better living standards should know that they are not more deserving than those suffering to be considered on any condition.

Nearly 250,000 Pakistani migrants have been deported in last three years from 2013-2016, from a total of 133 countries. Pakistanis are suffering in one way or another and which as a result has pushed these figures. The Government of Pakistan needs to look into the reasons resulting in such a huge number of people moving out and they must take measures to stop it from happening. Only proper measures can only help sort these issues out. The government’s lack in aiding and fulfilling all the needs of people have encouraged other countries to believe that our government seems least interested in trying to help resolve people’s problems. This has led to a damaged reputation globally.