SARGODHA-As the University of Sargodha (UoS) syndicate discussed the matter of illegal appointments, the lobby working to protect such unlawful elements in the faculty are trying to safeguard them, it is learnt.

An MPA who is also member of the university syndicate is allegedly trying to create an opinion against the court judgments and provisions of the Constitution of Pakistan that guarantees equality of citizens and obedience to the law, said sources privy to the matter in the university.

The local MPA, being member of the top University body, is exploiting the position assigned by the government. The appointments being defended were made by the university in the past without floating advertisements in the newspapers and in this context the courts have already declared such appointments unlawful.

All such appointments are required to be cancelled and withdrawn for which the Higher Education Department; Govt of the Punjab has directed the university to cancel these appointments as pointed out by the audit reports of the Auditor General of Pakistan.

The legal experts are of the opinion that any efforts to protect action against the Constitution or in derogation of the court judgments on the point may lead the persons responsible to a position in a doldrums. They argued that disobedience to the Constitution or contempt of court may be a sufficient reason for a public office-holder for his or her disqualification if such a case is ever brought before the court.

A Higher Education Department (HED) official commenting on the situation said that the administration should point out such elements in the varsity syndicates who exploit their positions to protect illegal acts. He said at least places for learning should not be made a playground for politics.