SADIQABAD - Accumulated sewage in Ghafoorabad has not only been taking its toll on residents’ health but also calling the administration and local governments’ performance into question.

During a survey, residents told The Nation that they are faced with sewage accumulation in almost every street of the area as the sanitary workers remain absent from duty and are rarely witnessed in the area. They said that it has not only been causing difficulties for residents but also giving rise to mosquitoes, flies and other pests in the area which, they said, has threatened outbreak of malaria, dengue and other insect-borne diseases. “Few residents of the locality have reportedly been fallen victim to such diseases due to mosquitoes’ bites, who are growing in the area due to sewage accumulation,” they expressed their concerns. They said that people have to pass through dirty streets to offer prayers in mosques and similarly the schoolchildren who get their clothes dirty before reaching school. Besides, the constantly emitting stink from the filth has also made residents’ days and nights restless, they said. They regretted that they have submitted numerous complaints to the local bodies’ representatives but nothing could grab their attention to the grave situation.

Residents including Khalid Usman Mirani, Shafique, Abdus Salam, Imran, Mehboob Ali, Jamaal, Tanvir and Salamat Ali demanded Tehsil Municipal Committee (TMC) Chairman Ch Shafique Pappa and the RY Khan deputy commissioner to rehabilitate the sewer system in the area.