NOORPUR THAL-The Punjab Teachers Union (PTU) is struggling for the betterment of teachers, improvement in quality of education and introduction of a uniform education system.

PTU Khushab District President Malik Imtiaz Ahmed Awan stated while addressing a meeting of teachers here the other day. On the occasion, he pledged to raise voice at every forum to highlight teachers’ problems.

PTU general secretary Malik Shaukat Hayat Shahi, PTU local leaders Ejaz Hussain Bhatti and Safeer Raza Thaeem said that Pakistan was created in the name of Islam but the country’s secular lobby are making attempts to introduce a liberal and secular educational system. “It is bounden duty of teachers to play their pivotal role to create sense of responsibility and protect the students from cultural invasion of the West,” they pointed out. They advised the teachers to play their due role to protect ideological frontiers of Pakistan and prepare the younger generation to tackle the challenges being faced by the country.

PTU local leaders Ghulam Abbas Khan Baloch, Malik Noor Ilahi Mubashir Awan, Abdus Sattar Bhatti, Malik Sabir Hussain Jasra and a large number of teachers also attended the meeting.