MANDI BAHAUDDIN - Mustaqbil Pakistan leaders said that people want supremacy of the Constitution and the rule of law in the country especially to fight corruption and other national crises.

“People have pinned their hopes on the Supreme Court for deciding the Panama leaks case on merit,” said local leader of Mustaqbil Pakistan Haji Muhammad Ashraf Gondal. He was addressing the party workers at Rukan.

He said SC should severely punish those found guilty of corruption without any discrimination. No one is above the law and everyone should be treated equally by the SC. He said it is first time in country’s history that a PM of the country was put through the process of accountability. He said everyone should be tried under the law and all special laws and special courts should be disbanded.

It would ensure rule of law and make government writ more effective, he said. The arrest of Chairman SECP Zafar Hajazi is beginning of accountability of big wigs. He said that all the parties should accept the verdict of SC with open heart. This would strengthen rule of law and bring stability and prosperity in the country, he said.

Talking about MPP, he said the party believed that destiny of the nation could not be changed without changing traditional and dynastic politics. He said it was raised and registered in 2010 and since then it was working across the country, contacting people and spreading party message among them.

He said the party will not give tickets for contesting election to those who in the past were parliamentarians. He said their motto is “competency, honesty and sincerity”. He said with the passage of time people are giving positive response to the party and its chairman Engineer Nadeem Mumtaz Qurashi, and obtaining its membership. He said in next elections the party would field its candidates on each seat of MNA and MPA in the district.

GOVT ALL SET TO FIGHT FLOODS: Adviser to Chief Minister on Social Welfare and Baitul Maal Tahirul Mulk said that Punjab government was on alert to provide relief for the public during expected floods and rains. All the measures have been taken across the province to control floods and mitigate their effects on people residing in low lying areas.

The Adviser stressed a need for rechecking the embankments and spurs for their fitness to sustain pressure of heavy floods and fitness of boats and other equipment required to be used in relief operation.

Briefing a session held at his office, Deputy Commissioner Shaukat Ali said that embankments, spurs, dikes on sides of rivers Chenab and Jhelum have been inspected and strengthened where they were eroded and considered weak. The equipment like boats and jackets have also been inspected and they are in serviceable condition, he said.

“Drains in the area have be cleaned and de-silted for smooth flow of rainwater. The ferrymen have been instructed to suspend ferry service when there is possibility of flash floods. Irrigation Department has been put on alert to monitor flow in the rivers for giving early warning to the inhabitants of Bela,” he said.